Top 10 Medical Facts in World


Nowadays there is a high need of creating medical awareness among people whether it is by educational camps or by holding certain programs and speeches that are created especially for this motive or by writing these health-related articles and publishing. So here is an article regarding the top 10 Medical facts.

1. Meditation is the best way to relax our minds. Just 15minutes of proper Meditation helps in reducing stress and anxiety and makes us feel calm and awake. Meditating regularly helps in increasing concentration power and memory. So everyone should involve at least 15-20 minutes of meditation regularly in their lifestyle.

2. Did you know? The human heart pumps approximately 2,000gallons of blood each day and beats approx 100,000 times in a day. So, it is necessary to keep our circulatory system healthy and strong by proper diet, regular exercise, and health check-ups. And did u know that females are more prone to suffer from heart disease as compared to males? In a survey, it was found that females have more heart attacks than males.

3.  Around the globe ‘Poverty’  is the indefinable big reason which leads directly or indirectly to poor health conditions because vulnerable individuals are deprived of proper medication due to lack of money. They are unaware of cleanliness. They lack proper food and sanitation. Even in 2021, it is estimated that 698 million people i.e., 9% of the global population are facing extreme poverty.

4. ‘Illiteracy’ is a potent factor that impacts world population health. Diseases like AIDS, Malaria &STD(Sexually Transmitted Diseases) spread among these people due to lack of proper knowledge. Even infant and mother mortality rates are high among these communities. And even nowadays one of the major causes of increasing cases of coronavirus is illiteracy. First of all, in many areas, people are unaware of common symptoms and if they somehow become aware they do not go to hospitals and tests. They even don’t quarantine themselves thus spreading the disease in the crowd.

5. Human brain is the most powerful part of the body and in females it weights approx. 1200gms whereas in males it weights approx. 1400gms i.e., smaller in females. It requires about 20% of the body’s supply of oxygen which is more than all the other skeletal muscles combined. The brain has special cells called nerve cells or neurons which are the longest cells of the human body i.e., 1 meter long and the interesting thing is these neurons don’t have the power of cell division i.e., if once the cells ruptured or damaged there are no chances to repair it again.

6. Did you know? It is not necessary that people with mental issues are more violent than others. There is totally different condition in which patients become more violent called ‘Intermittent explosive disorder.

7.  People need to know that Diabetes,  Autoimmune diseases, Cancer and Asthma are non -infectious diseases because they are not caused by any pathogen. They are caused due to our unhealthy lifestyle or some may be genetic i.e., due to heredity.

8.  Did you know which is the largest organ of our body? It’s the ‘Skin’ and it includes under ‘Integumentary system’. It accounts for 15% of total body weight.  And there are approx. 300 sweat glands present in a square inch of skin. And the one more interesting thing is our skin is, it is made of 3 layers in which the upper skin layer is dead and it is dead because to prevent pathogens to survive on our body, so preventing from infections.

9. Did you know it’s not the mother who is responsible for determining the sex of a child. It’s the father who is responsible. Females have two same sex chromosomes called Allosomes i.e., XX  whereas males have two different allosomes i.e., XY. So, it depends on the male chromosomes which get fertilized with female eggs. If the male's X chromosome fertilizes with the female X chromosome it will be a girl but if Y fertilizes with female X chromosome child will be a boy.

10. Covid-19 is a pandemic,  the full form of ‘covid’ is ‘Corona Virus Disease’, and 19 stands for the year in which it was first discovered i.e. 2019. The first case was found in Wuhan, a city in China. It’s been 3 years for this virus but in many cases, it is still harmful even after vaccination. It is not sure that it was created as a bio-weapon in the laboratory of China or it came in humans from bats or any other animal. The most affected part is the lungs. Its common symptoms are cough, cold, fever. In many cases, it becomes so severe that causes the death of the patient. Many people across the world lost their lives in these 3 years due to this pandemic.  The best saying for this will be ‘Prevention is better than Cure’.

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