Nursing Officer Exam Study Material {Booster Dose}

Medical and Nursing Lab. Diagnostic Test Names

*Booster Dose* for Students

  1. AdomTest- Scoliosis
  2. Allen test- ABG Analysis
  3. Aldehyde test- Leprosy
  4. Phosphate test- Pasteurization
  5. Patch Test- Allergic Reaction
  6. Tourniquet Test- Dengue
  7. Urea Breath Test- H.Pylori
  8. Schick Test- Diphtheria
  9. Dick Test- Scarlet Fever
  10. Rother's Test- Acetone in Urine
  11. Hey Test- Bile Salt in Urine
  12. Smith Test- Bile Pigment in Urine
  13. Benedict Test- Glucose in urine
  14. KveimTest- Sarcoidosis
  15. Rinne & Webber Test- Hearing
  16. Direct Coomb Test- Hemolytic Anemia
  17. Ischiara Test- Color Vision test
  18. Snellen Chart Test- Distance Vision
  19. Confrontation Test- Central and Peripheral Vision
  20. Jegar's type Card Test- Near Vision
  21. Schiling Test- Vitamin B12 Absorption
  22. Histamine Test- Leprosy
  23. RollerOverTest- Pre-Eclampsia
  24. Fern Test or Nitrizine Test- leakage of Amniotic fluid
  25. VDRLTest- Syphilis
  26. VMA(VanellylMandelicAcid)- Pheochromocytoma
  27. GlucoseToleranceTest-DiabetesMellitus
  1. Glycosylated Hemoglobin/Hb1AC Test- DiabetesMellitus
  2. WaterDeprivation Test- Diabetes Insipidus
  3. Treadmill/StressTest-HeartFunction
  4. TripleTest- DownSyndrome
  5. D-DimerTest- Measuring Clot formation(DVT,PE,DIC)
  1. TrendelenburgTest- VericoseVein
  2. Phallen/TinnelTest- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  3. Gold QuntiFeronTest- Tuberculosis
  4. BangleTest- Protein Energy Malnutrition
  5. TensilonTest- MyastheniaGravis
  6. Romberg Test- Neurological Function/balance or gait
  7. KneeKissTest- Meningitis in Children
  8. Tzank Test- Herpes Genital or Vericella
  9. FrieTest- Lymphogranuloma inguinale
  10. Widal test-Typhoid (on2ndweek)
  11. Weilfelix test-Typhoidfever
  12. BonnyTest/MarshallTest- Stress Incontinence
  13. Binnet Test- IntelligenceQuotient
  14. SweatChlorideTest- Cystic fibrosis
  15. HangingDropTest- Cholera
  16. Paul bunnel Test- EpstienBarrVirus
  17. ShakeTest/BubbleTest- Surfactant and fetal Lungs maturity
  18. RubinTest- Patency of FallopianTube
  19. TapeTest- PinWorm
  20. OrthoTolidinTest- Check Chlorine in Water
  21. DexaScan- Bone Metabolic Disease(eg.Osteoporosis)
  1. Heel to Shin Test-Body Coordination Test
  2. HaloTest- CSF Leakage
  3. Dexamethasone Suppression Test- ACTH or Pituitary/Adrenal gland tumor
  4. Arthrocentesis- Joint inflammation and Infection
  5. Holter Monitoring- 24HourECG Monitoring in Dysrhythmia
  6. PulmonaryFunctionTest- measure lung volume and Capacity (By-Spirometer)
  7. SGOT&SGPT AST/ALT-LiverFunctionTest
  8. PAP’sSmear- Cancer of the cervix
  9. Creatinine Clearance Test- estimation of GFR
  10. Wood's Light Examination- Superficial Infection of Skin
  11. Burrow Ink Test- Scabies/The Itch
  12. BradenScale- To Measure integrity of Bed Sore

#Cancer Diagnostic Test:-

CA15-3–BreastCancer ■ CA19-9– GIT (Pancreatic, Liver cancer) ■ CA125– Ovarian cancer

#AIDS Diagnostic Test:-

ELISA Test- Screening for HIV ■ Western Blot Test- Confirmative Test for HIV ■ CD4 Count- Predictor Of HIV (<200) ■ P24 Antigen Assay Test- Indicates Active HIV Replication or seen in Pregnancy & children.

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